Referral Program

We want to take Epsylon to the next level. So we are starting the referral program. By referring people to use Epsylon you will earn a percentage of the profits generated by the funds deposited by all your referrals. Do not worry, the money you earn won't be coming from your referral Yield, this money comes from Epsylon Fees, which we charge on profits. A portion of this fees instead of going to us will go to you.

You will keep earning money each month as long your referral keeps the money on any of the vaults.

How it works:

  • Ask us on Discord for a Referral code on Discord.

  • Your referral deposit funds on Epsylon's vaults using your code.

  • We add all the money deposited to your referrals to calculate your share of the profits.

  • You keep earning money month after month while your referral funds are on the vault.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Your referrals will not earn less money because they are referrals.

  • Your money comes from the profits generated by the funds.

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