Yield Farming

How does epsylon generates yield

Currently, Epsylon Finance is offering multiple vaults with different risks. Our users can diversify how ever they like depending on the risk tolerance.

Our current Risk Profiles Vaults:

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Epsylon’s core products are the vaults. Each vault runs at least one strategy, and each strategy is exposed to at least one protocol. Users deposit funds to the Vault in the form of a Single Token Deposit (ex: USDC, FTM, DAI, etc) and receive Vault shares in exchange. These shares are ERC20 and allow users to retrieve the funds deposited plus the interest accrued.

The main concept to understand is how do we generate interest for our users. We invest the users' deposited funds on loan services such as Geist, Tarot, etc. That gives us an interest in return for the lent funds. The same principle occurs with decentralized Exchanges when we provide them with liquidity.

All this process is automated by the usage of Smart Contracts, which execute the investment of the funds on different platforms seeking out the highest yield available in the different DeFi protocols. These strategies are done by Epsylon's developers and their whole purpose is to maximize the returns for the users.

Below can be appreciated an explanatory diagram of Epsylon's operations model:

Instead of having to research and understand different strategies to decide which one suits you (Usually, everyone invests in the same 10 strategies without knowing, following the flock), we go one step ahead and do that for you by splitting our winning strategies into different levels of risk. The only thing the user needs to worry about is to select their comfortable level of risk and invest.

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