Conservative Vaults

The main characteristic of Conservative (SAFE) Vaults is the use of low risk strategies using blue chips lending and DEXes protocols. Currently the only conservative (safe) vault available is for USDC.


This strategy has the inherent risk associated with smart contracts and DeFi and no impermanent lost.


  • Boosted Beethovenx (Beethovenx)

  • Holy Spirit Tether (Spirit)

  • Alpaca Single Lending (Alpaca)

  • Solidex Deflower MIm (Solidex)

  • Qui MAIster Kitty (Spooky Swap)

  • Ride or DAI Spirit (Spirit Swap)

  • Good Old Days Steady Beets (Beethoveenx)

Visual example of the USDC Safe Vault:

Visual example of a basic Strategy from the USDC Safe Vault:

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