Epsylon Team

We decide to build Epsylon because we are true believers that DeFi will replace traditional finance. We want to help that dream come true by making DeFi accessible for everyone.

The way DeFi allows anyone to collaborate, build, create, innovate and remove the entry barriers that CeFi imposes us is what makes DeFi superior.

We love capital efficiency and there is still so much room for improvement. Check our road map to see why our users get more returns than with other protocols.

Jake Fleming (Lead) twitter

Software engineer experience working on tier-1 startups working as the team lead. Vast experience building, launching and growing new products to millions of daily users. Previous experience bootstrapping B2C startups. Right now is Epsylon's blockchain engineer rockstar and strategist wizard.

Carlos Adams (Marketing) twitter

๐Ÿฅ‡Bought BTC in 2013๐ŸฅˆMin $ ETH $ XMR $ DOGE (~) in 2014๐Ÿฅ‰Helped to scale @muroexe from 150k to 4m๐Ÿ† Co-founded @racksmafia in 2020 carlosadams.eth

0xCross (DeFi) twitter

In my professional career I have worked as an engineering leader in different projects in an important multinational company in the automotive sector and as a freelance web developer in different SaaS startups. Currently focused on the development of Smart Contracts, auditing and creation of new DeFi primitives in Epsylon.

Crypto Bender (Technical) twitter

Self-taught software engineer pivoting careers from a traditional engineer. Experience growing young startup from 1M all the way to a 45M funding developing their entire stack from scratch. Currently blockchain developer (shadow coder), blockchain bug hunter, and open-source contributor enthusiastic.

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