Road Map

Short term Epsylon protocol roadmap

Q1 2022

βœ” Launch Epsylon Protocol

βœ” Launch USDC conservative vault

βœ” Add analytics

βœ” Reach $ 250k TVL

βœ” Launch wFTM High Risk Vault

βœ” Rebranding Epsylon

βœ” Create community - 1k Twitter / 500 Discord

βœ” Create +10 strategies

βœ” UX/UI Frontend + Descriptive Info for each vault

Q2 2022

  • Reach $ 3 M TVL

  • Multiple risk level vaults for the same underlying asset

  • Strategy mitigating the Impermanent Loss (Delta neutral Strategies)

  • Increase TOMB finance Strategies (staking, lending, leverage... )

  • Add strategies with PoS validators on FTM (Liquid Staking)

  • Add referral program

  • Small Epsylon Academia - Free DeFi Resource to learn

  • Grow our community - 5k Twitter / 1k Discord

Q3 2022

  • Reach $ 10 M TVL

  • Leverage Yield Farming Strategies

  • Options, futures, derivatives Strategies.

  • Multi-chain - (If it can provide value through strategies)

  • Grow community - 10k Twitter / 2k Discord

Q4 2022

  • Expand and Grow on Multi-chain Strategies

  • Isolated Lending Pools to increase leverage.

  • Index Funds with Synthetics through DEUS finance.

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