Epsylon Finance

Epsylon - Making Decentralized Finance Accessible
Epsylon is a non-custodial innovative yield generation protocol with varied risk-adjusted solutions. Epsylon aims to provide a different risk/return matrix for a single underlying asset (eg: USDC, FTM).
Epsylon enables anyone to easily grow their crypto portfolio by offering a seamless and frictionless way for users to invest their crypto assets. As a project, we aim to allow anyone -with any level of knowledge of crypto-  access to the market’s most competitive products and strategies.
Epsylon’s vaults are classified according to their risk level and the underlying asset. Vaults consist of multiple strategies that are rotated and updated dynamically as opportunities arise, generating the highest yield possible for our users. On top of that, vaults benefit users by socializing gas costs, automating the compounding and rebalancing processes.
The strategies generate profit by providing liquidity to lending protocols like (Alpaca), DEXs (SpookySwap, Curve, SpiritSwap, Solidex), and PoS validators on FTM. The vaults that have a higher risk have some ingenious and innovative strategies. These strategies allow us to generate higher APY by taking on debt, reducing IL, leveraging other assets, or farming algorithmic peg assets.
Our users deposit a single asset into a vault and forget, sleeping well at night knowing their money is generating the best yield for them. The single asset vault, plus the risk-adjusted strategies and our friendly UX allows all kinds of users to benefit from yield farming, not just DeFi experts.
At our core, we optimize users' returns using yield farming. While providing a world-class user experience.

Why did we build Epsylon Finance?

We saw a big issue on other protocols where they only have one vault per asset. This limits a lot the strategies you can use. Since some users may be willing to take a calculated risk for a higher APY, but others won’t.
Giving users the possibility to choose their own risk, allows us to add innovative strategies (debt, IL, leverage, or algorithmic peg coins) while keeping it simple. All of our vaults are single assets and have a detailed explanation of the risks, strategies, protocol exposure, tokens, and IL.
There are hidden costs for yield farming, a normal user might not even realize them. We have blogs explaining what are these hidden costs. Epsylon creates a layer of abstraction so users don't need to worry about maximizing capital efficiency.
Most of the world is locked out of decentralized finance due to its sheer complexity. We believe this new technology can help millions of people, but only if they can access it.

How is Epsylon solving these problems?

By offering a set of simple curated products that match users' risk profiles and maximize their returns, all while having an exquisite user experience. We want to make complex strategies with the maximum returns and at the same time have a platform easy to use and understandable for everyone regardless of their financial or DeFi knowledge.
The multi-strategy and the risk-adjusted vaults give us a lot of flexibility and advantages:
1- Curated strategies. All the strategies and protocols we use go through a strict due diligence and testing process. During the due diligence phase, if any protocol does not meet our standards or if it is too risky for the reward, it will be discarded. In the testing phase, strategies are tested in a real-world environment, measuring their performance in different market conditions.
2- Balance strategies. Vaults have positive and inverse correlated strategies to hedge market conditions and maintain a stable APY on bear and bull markets.
3- Maximize the yield for each vault (risk profile). Separating strategies on different vaults based on the risk allows us to maximize the APY for some yield hunters and maximize security and peace of mind for conservative yield farmers.
4- Remove complexity. Users should not need to be DeFi experts to invest in DeFi. With minimum knowledge, users can invest and use state-of-the-art strategies on Epsylon. They only need to decide what asset they want to farm and which risks they are comfortable with. Our detailed explanations of the protocols and strategies we use help users understand and make informed decisions. DeFi for everyone, everywhere.
5- We can create more innovative strategies adjusted for each user. Letting the user know the risk they are taking allows us to build way more interesting strategies with debt, IL, leverage, or algorithmic peg coins that translate into a nice and juicy APY.
Epsylon aims to democratize DeFi for everyone. Solving the problem where you need to be an expert to be able to benefit from it. If we want DeFi to roll over the traditional finance were only a few benefits, we need to make it accessible for everyone.

How it works?

Users deposit funds on our platform based on their risk profile and customized strategies will be applied to maximize their profits. These automated strategies are managed by smart contracts deployed on the Fantom Opera Network and do not require any human intervention.
Strategies allow users to benefit from compounding interest automatically on the initial investment without paying any gas while getting the best yield in the ecosystem.

Crypto In, More Crypto Out

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